Automating Data Compliance


Data compliance has become too important and too complex for people alone. Deontic Data is collaborating with data originators, providers, and consumers to develop <standards> and solutions for the data supply chain to to automate it.

Licensing controls
Privacy restrictions
Regulatory constraints
Business policy
Codes of ethics

Yesterday’s manual processes cannot provide timely and accurate answers to today’s data use cases. We need our machines to understand our rights and obligations over data and to enforce them.


Automating rights and obligations allows:


Innovation and greater scale through quicker decision-making around data usage.

Monetisation of data due to simplified data-product-definition processes.

Fines and liabilities due to compliance failure

Of data (including de-duplication).

In billing, revenue recognition, and reconciliation.

Sounds interesting!


Our focus now is on delivering these solutions:


Automating the enforcement of consent, attribution, and disclaimer obligations

AI-assisted translation of legacy licenses into machine-readable licenses

Communicating license-renewal decisions to data users

Automation support in the data request workflow

Integration with Cloud Data Exchanges

Attributute-based access control

Looks useful!


“Trading data is tedious.”
—It needn’t be so!

One day soon there will be a thriving trade in data. We’ve seen it before. It took decades for well-functioning markets for oil to emerge.

Standard Oil sped things up: it helped create the technology and — the firm’s name was its programme — the standards that made it possible to trade the new resource.

Deontic Data is doing the same for the trade in data. But without touching the data. Just the metadata, standards, and decisions that determine its compliant use along the data supply chain.

Deontic Data is developing “an indescribably thin layer.” Yet one that creates a trusted network through which data can flow, compliant with license, regulation, and business policy.


Policy Editor

Allows market data professionals and legal experts to write, edit, and update the machine-readable representations of the licenses, business policies, and regulations and to validate them against the original documents.

Policy Store

Allows data administrators and data consumers to easily access and query the rights and obligations controlling the use of data by tracking the relationships between contracts, permissions, duties, data assets, and data users.

Compliance Engine

Allows the runtime enforcement of the rights and obligations controlling the use of data by providing a decision point for automated enforcement agents running in Cloud environments.

Opportunities at Deontic Data

Golang SOFTWARE Engineer

If you are an ambitious Golang software backend engineer, looking to be part of the innovative tech product and grow your tech career in fast growing data driven company – get in touch!

You will participate in aspects of the tech platform development – from architecture and API design, to cloud native Golang serverless implementation.

London or fully remote, whatever fits your lifestyle and work/life balance

AWS CLOUD Engineer

We are cloud-native data platform, and need passionate and pragmatic cloud engineer to join our growing team. You will be working on established and emerging AWS technologies, including Lambdas and SageMaker.

We live and breath automation and scalable cloud native solutions, and if you share  our passion, this is a place for you.

Work remotely, or be part of the fun London office, the choice is yours.


Deontic data needs a passionate data scientist with interest in graphs, RDF or ontologies. If you’d like to be part of a growing data-centric company, participate in W3C data initiatives and shape modern web data standards, this role is for you! 

If you’re passionate about making sense of the highly connect data, you will enjoy working with some of the thought leaders in RDF and graphs.

Familiarity with RDF and SPARQL is desirable, in London or fully remote.

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